Butterfly 1.4 released

Linwood Butterfly

Linwood Butterfly

🎨 Powerful, minimalistic, cross-platform, opensource note-taking app


Two months later again and a new stable version was released. There are a lot of features to show. Download the latest stable here.

New matrix server

Join our new matrix server here. The channels are synced with the discord.

New features


The biggest feature in this release is the synchronization feature. You can now save all your notes in your preferred cloud service that supports WebDAV. Cache your notes to work offline. Read more here.

New painters

There is a new laser painter. With the laser painter, you can now paint strokes temporarily. Read more here.

Additionally, you have a new shape painter. Paint lines, rectangle and circles with predefined radius, aspect ratio and more. Read more here.

New localizations

There are three new localizations: Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish. Try it out now!

Reworked multi input system

You can now move the viewport with two fingers. This can be disabled in the settings. Additionally, you can now change your painter with the stylus buttons.

Reworked bake system

This will fix the lag after undo/redo and fix that you need to click multiple times to undo something.

Color view

You can now select your color with one click. Select your palette and click on the color to select it. This view is now available for the label painter, the pen painter, the new shape painter and the new laser painter.

SVG Import

SVG can now be imported to your project. Go to the insert dialog and click on SVG.

New design

You can now select the new yaru (ubuntu) themes to have a more native experience on ubuntu. Additionally, the default themes were changed to be more consistent with the documentation.

Minor changes

  • Add updater
  • Add hex input to color dialog
  • Add duplicate to change document path dialog
  • Add loading indicator to file open dialog
  • Exporting on web now downloads the file
  • Remove CDNs on the web
  • Redesign settings with cards
  • Change scale to slider in constraints dialog
  • Add file extension registry on Linux
  • Add additional properties in element dialog
  • Switch license to AGPL
  • Change color of eraser to background color
  • Remove unused color property in eraser painter


This app is now available on Flathub.


Thank you for all your support. You give me motivation to work on this app. All bug reports and feature requests helps me to make the app better. Thank you for 150 stars and over 4,5 downloads on GitHub. Join the new matrix server or the discord server to talk with me and other butterfly users.

If you find any bugs or want to request features, please create a new issue on GitHub.