Butterfly 1.6 released

Linwood Butterfly

Linwood Butterfly

🎨 Powerful, minimalistic, cross-platform, opensource note-taking app


Merry Christmas everyone! Two months after the last big release, I am proud to announce the release of Butterfly 1.6! Thank you for over 330 stars and 13000 downloads on GitHub. Download the latest stable here.

Join the Community

Join our matrix server here or the discord server here. The channels are synced with each other.

New features


The ruler and grid now helps you to align your elements. You can enable it in the new tools menu in the top right corner. You can also change the camera position and zoom easily in this menu.


You can now create components in the editor. Components are reusable elements that can be used in multiple pages. Create a pack to add your components to it. You can then share your pack with others or add it local to your device. To add a component to a page, use the stamp painter and click on the position you want to add the component.

Minor changes

  • Add themed colors for selections and areas preview
  • Add data path argument to the command line
  • Add action painter indicator
  • Improve windows setup


This is the last 1.x release. The next release will be 2.0.0 and will include a lot of breaking changes. This means that you can’t open newer projects with older versions of Butterfly. There will be an automatic migration to upgrade your old projects to the new format. That doesn’t mean that 1.6 is a lts release. It will get bug fixes and minor updates until 2.0.0 is released but after that, it will be unsupported. Stay tuned for the next release! There will be devlogs to show you the new features and changes.

Please report any bugs you find here.