Butterfly 2.0.1-rc.1 released

Linwood Butterfly

Linwood Butterfly

🎨 Powerful, minimalistic, cross-platform, opensource note-taking app


The second release candidate of Butterfly 2.0.1 is now available. This release fixes some bugs encountered in the stable release.

Click here to see the blog entry of the last 2.0 release.

Full changelog

  • Add refresh button to quickstart
  • Add refresh button to file view
  • Add link to experiment
  • Add extra icon for label markdown mode
  • Add validation in collaboration start dialog
  • Add help pages for navigator pages
  • Remember grid view setting
  • Improve spacing in add dialog
  • Set default port as initial value in collaboration start dialog
  • Fix markdown label editing
  • Fix not working new line
  • Fix asset card missing ripple effect
  • Fix rename saved function will be triggered multiple times
  • Fix pen property view
  • Fix label editing when selecting different text input
  • Fix subSpan editing in label editing
  • Fix svg exporting error
  • Fix presentation preview on initial selection
  • Fix exporting on mobile devices