Butterfly 2.1.0-rc.0 released

Linwood Butterfly

Linwood Butterfly

🎨 Powerful, minimalistic, cross-platform, opensource note-taking app


The 100thst butterfly release is here: Butterfly 2.1.0-rc.0 🎉 Highlights:

  • 🖼️ Image background svg support
  • 📐 A new triangle shape
  • 📄 Templates improvements
  • 📁 New android open with intents
  • 🐞 Bugfixes

There is currently a poll running to decide how the toolbar should be handled in the future. Click here to vote and discuss: LinwoodDev/Butterfly#627.

Don’t forget that this is a beta version and there might be some bugs. Please report them on GitHub. If you have an automatic script to update Butterfly, please adjust it to the new naming of the release assets. Read more about it here.

Image background svg support

Image background support was added in 2.0.0-beta.3 but had no svg function for it. Now it was added by using the pattern feature in svg.

A new triangle shape

The triangle shape was added in 2.0.0-beta.3 too but only to be used in the shape detection in the pen tool. Now you can find the triangle shape in the shape tool and in the add dialog.

Templates improvements

The templates dialog was redesigned and now supports overriding the tools for selected templates. Additionally if you add a new template you can now give it a name.

New android open with intents

You can now open zip, pdf and images with Butterfly on android by opening the file with Butterfly. Previously you can only open .bfly files.

Full changelog

  • Add image background svg support
  • Add triangle to shape tool and add dialog (#664)
  • Add name field to create template dialog
  • Add button to invert selection in templates dialog
  • Add option to override tools for selected templates (#613)
  • Add intents to open zip, pdf and images with this app on android
  • Redesign templates dialog
  • Fix linux metainfo again
  • Fix label is not being created when unfocussing
  • Fix area preview rendering
  • Fix recent history not removed when deleting the document
  • Fix editable input not being updated
  • Fix baking when using smooth navigation
  • Fix locale displayed as system language if there is no translation for this
  • Fix missing translations for locales
  • Fix render background gets ignored (#670)
  • Remove old unused code