Linwood Flow 0.2 released

Linwood Flow

Linwood Flow

WIP: Feature rich event, group and time managment system


Linwood Flow 0.2 was released! This is the second big release of Linwood Flow. It adds a lot of new features and fixes a lot of bugs.


The dashboard has now links to all displayed cards. This makes it easier to navigate to the right place.


There is now a new ical remote storage. This allows you to sync your data with any ical compatible server. It reads the content of the ical url and converts it to the internal format. This format does not allow you to write back to the server.


You can now set the start of the week in the settings. Additionally the weekdays are now displayed in the list view and the calendar view has now a large layout. To have consistent icons across all linwood apps the icons are now phosphor icons.


The app is work in progress and not production ready. Please report any bugs or feature request on github. If you have any questions feel free to join the matrix server or the discord server.

Full changelog

  • Add virtual window frame
  • Add links to dashboard
  • Add ical remote storage
  • Add weekdays in list view
  • Add setting to set start of week
  • Add large layout for calendar
  • Use phosphor icons
  • Improve title bar
  • Fix dashboard scrolling and spacing issues
  • Fix primary card in notes
  • Fix end drawer
  • Fix collideswith
  • Fix month view
  • Fix ical importer for start date time
  • Fix internet permission on android
  • Upgrade to flutter 3.10