Linwood Flow 0.3 released

Linwood Flow

Linwood Flow

WIP: Feature rich event, group and time managment system


After half a year of development, Linwood Flow 0.3 was released! This update brings many new features, a new app foundation and many bug fixes.


  • 📈 Dashboard update
  • 📁 Notebooks
  • 📅 Simplify group/place creation
  • 🎨 UI improvements
  • 🚀 App foundation updates

Changed release assets

Butterfly 2.1.0 changed the release assets naming. These changes were applied to Flow 0.3.

Dashboard update

The dashboard now shows a clock. This makes it easier to see the current time. Additionally, the dashboard is now the back page. This makes it easier to navigate the app.


You can now create notebooks and group notes in them. This makes it easier to organize your notes. With this the child notes are now in the right drawer instead of the bottom.

Simplify group/place creation

The group and place creation can now be done in the event creation dialog. This makes it easier to group your events.

UI improvements

I have applied changes from Butterfly to Flow. This includes a density setting, high contrast mode, classic theme and the custom title bar where the close button is now in the real top right corner. Additionally, the icon style for different calendar item types was improved. The material 3 colors of chips were improved as well. On mobile the dialogs were very small. This was fixed by making them full screen on mobile.

Full changelog

  • Add clock to dashboard
  • Add density setting
  • Add high contrast mode
  • Add classic theme
  • Add notebooks
  • Allow changing group and place in event creation dialog
  • Make dashboard the back page
  • Improve icon style for different calendar item types
  • Improve custom title bar window buttons
  • Improve material 3 colors of chips
  • Improve child notes layout
  • Improve dialogs to go full screen on mobile
  • Use default page transition instead of fade
  • Unify select dialogs
  • Fix locale translations
  • Fix week system in calendar week view
  • Fix switching from moment to appointment doesn’t update the dialog
  • Fix list view has duplicated items
  • Upgrade to flutter 3.19 and 3.22