Flow Devlog 2

Linwood Flow

Linwood Flow

WIP: Feature rich event, group and time managment system


Flow Devlog 2

Welcome to the second devlog of Flow! Click here to read the first devlog.


Events can now have a status (draft, confirmed and canceled) and can be filtered by status in the event list. The event list also shows the status of the event. Additionally, the calendar list now has an infinite scroll.


Events can now have to-dos. To-dos can be added to an event and can be marked as done. There is an extra page for to-dos where you can see all your to-dos and filter them by status.


Basic group functionality is now implemented. You can create groups, edit them and delete them. Currently, it shows all events associated with the group, but currently there is no way to add events to a group.

Web Preview

You can preview the app in your browser by clicking here. Please note that the app is in development and the database schema may change in the future. That means that you may lose your data when the app is updated. Use it only for testing.


The sidebar is now persistent when changing pages in desktop mode. This helps to keep the context of the page you are currently on.


Thanks for reading the second devlog. There will be more to come. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me on Discord, Matrix or Twitter. Source code is available on GitHub. Please give feedback and star the project if you like it.

This devlog is based on commit 8d57eba91786c64c51f10afdb383d2c3081c8db3.