Flow Devlog 3

Linwood Flow

Linwood Flow

WIP: Feature rich event, group and time managment system


Welcome to the third devlog of Flow! Click here to read the first devlog.


All functionality of the teams was moved to the groups.


Events can now be assigned to groups. Additionally, new filters were added to the calendar: Group, Place. A new Past filter was added to the calendar to show past events. More over, the calendar is now responsive and has a new look on the desktop.


To-dos can now be created without an event. Click on the fab button to create a to-do. If a to-do has no event assigned, you will see a button to create a new event or assign an existing one.

Additionally, to-dos has now three states: Todo, In Progress, Done. You can change the state by clicking on the checkbox. In the future there will be a karbon board with rows for each state. Filters for all states were added to the to-dos page. A new search button was added to the to-dos page to search for to-dos.

Users and Places

Basic functionality of the users and places was added. You can now create users, query them and delete them.


Event groups are now called groups. You can create groups, query them and delete them. Additionally, you can assign events to groups.


The filter ui was replaced with chips. This follows the material design guidelines. Additionally, the page transitions were improved to a fade in/out animation. Another improvement is the new intro slides. They are now more informative and show the most important features of Flow.

Web Preview

You can preview the app in your browser by clicking here. Please note that the app is in development and the database schema may change in the future. That means that you may lose your data when the app is updated. Use it only for testing.


The sidebar is now persistent when changing pages in desktop mode. This helps to keep the context of the page you are currently on.


The readme was updated to have more information about the app and include a link to the devlog. Thanks for reading the third devlog. There will be more to come. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me on Discord, Matrix or Twitter. Source code is available on GitHub. Please give feedback and star the project if you like it.

This devlog is based on commit d83f2ede1841c3466ab0a8e4f8ab8fdcb20705a3.