Fourth alpha of Butterfly 2.0 released

Linwood Butterfly

Linwood Butterfly

🎨 Powerful, minimalistic, cross-platform, opensource note-taking app


We are happy to announce the fourth alpha of Butterfly 2.0. This release contains the new file format.

New file format

.bfly files are now zip files. This will help the performance of the app and will make it easier to add new features. Because of this, the import and export from the clipboard was removed. You can still import and export from and to files.


Documents now have thumbnails. This will help you to find the right document faster. Capture the thumbnail by pressing the capture button in the tools view.


  • Add archive format
  • Add thumbnails on documents
  • Add ability to open other files than notes from home page
  • Add missing painter help pages
  • Add popup menu when long pressing on window title bar
  • Improve text update in zoom view
  • Improve sorting at home page
  • Move change document path to appbar
  • Fix appearing zoom view and disappearing on focus
  • Fix importing of documents
  • Disallow saving in json format
  • Remove save and load dialog (including load and saving from clipboard)
  • Upgrade to flutter 3.10