Linwood Flow 0.2.1 released

Linwood Flow

Linwood Flow

WIP: Feature rich event, group and time managment system


Linwood Flow 0.2.1 was released! This update put everything on the newest standard of my linwood apps. Additionally many bugs were fixed.

Read about the big 0.2 update here.

New builds

There is now a macos build. Please use the build carefully. Additionally a rpm build was added.

Notes view

The notes view is now simpler. To edit them you can click on them. There is now a new markdown toolbar to easily add headlines and more.

Full changelog

  • Add macos and rpm builds
  • Make calendar views switcher smaller
  • Simplify notes view
  • Allow editing in date time field
  • Disable PrivilegesRequired in windows setup (#23)
  • Upgrade dropdowns to material 3
  • Fix notes dashboard links
  • Fix showing wrong month in month view (#28)
  • Fix portable build
    • Fix file name in
    • Add executable permission on linux
    • Fix
  • Upgrade to flutter 3.16
  • Upgrade to agb 8