Fifth beta of Butterfly 2.0 released

Linwood Butterfly

Linwood Butterfly

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The fifth beta release it out. If you didn’t read the last versions, click here:

Please note that this is still a beta release and may contain bugs. If you find a bug, please report it on GitHub.

This release contains a lot of bug fixes and ui improvements.


In this beta release of Butterfly 2.0, several exciting features have been introduced to enhance the painting experience. Let’s take a closer look at the changes related to painters:

Custom Mouse Cursors for Painters

Working with different painting tools is now more intuitive, thanks to the addition of custom mouse cursors for painters. Each painting tool now has its own cursor icon, making it easier to what you can do with it. (#426)

Spacer Painter

With the new spacer painter, you can add empty spaces or gaps within your creations. This is useful for people who want to write text or draw something in a specific place that are already filled with other elements.

Full-Screen Painter

Addressing user feedback, the full-screen painter has been introduced in this beta release. This feature allows easier switching between the full screen mode and the normal mode. (#432)

Recoded Hand Tool

The hand tool has been recoded to enable real-time transformations, allowing users to manipulate and adjust elements on the canvas with greater fluidity. You can now transform elements in real time. All the transformations were moved out of the context menu into the view.


In Butterfly 2.0’s fifth beta release, significant improvements have been made to the user interface, enhancing usability and overall aesthetics. Let’s explore the UI-related updates in more detail:

Floating Toolbar

Instead of a big toolbar, the toolbar space is now responsive from the contents in it. If the toolbar is small enough, you can see the canvas on the remaining space. (#445)

Settings Animation and Blur

The beta release introduces animation and blur effects to the settings panel, adding a touch of visual polish to the overall experience.

Responsive Main View UI

With the goal of providing a seamless experience across different screen sizes, the main view UI is now more responsive. If you select the pen painter the zoom view moves up if the toolbar is not on top. The window title bar has been improved to provide a more intuitive experience. The title bar now only allows dragging the window when the cursor is on a free space, making it easier to interact with the window controls.

Full changelog

  • Add custom mouse cursors for painters (#426)
  • Add spacer painter (#424)
  • Add full screen painter (#432)
  • Add move by dragging selection, add rotate button (#410)
  • Add floating toolbar (#445)
  • Add settings animation and blur
  • Add responsive main view ui
  • Recode hand tool to allow realtime transformation
  • Improve window title bar
  • Fix window does not open with start in fullscreen mode enabled (#430)
  • Fix resizing with multiple elements (#434)
  • Fix resizing with rotated elements
  • Fix not waiting for creating default templates on native platforms
  • Fix native title bar setting not saved
  • Fix home page not refreshing
  • Fix save indicator on web