Ninth beta of Butterfly 2.0 released

Linwood Butterfly

Linwood Butterfly

🎨 Powerful, minimalistic, cross-platform, opensource note-taking app


After 1 monthand 100 commits the ninth beta release it out. We hit 3000 commits in total. Thanks for your support. Feel free to recommend this app to other people. If you didn’t read the last versions, click here:

Please note that this is still a beta release and may contain bugs. If you find a bug, please report it on GitHub.

The file format has changed, there are many new ui improvements like animations, new release builds and many bug fixes.

Please make a backup of your files before using this version. The file format has changed and you can’t open files created with this version in older versions.

Release builds

There are now official macos builds. You can either download the zip file or use the dmg file to install it. Additionally there is now a rpm package for redhat based linux distributions.


Many things have been renamed to make it easier to understand. Painter is now called tool, tools are now called utilities and hand painter is now called select tool.


The event system has been rewritten to support collaboration in the future. Additionally the file version has been bumped to 10 due to the renaming of many things.



There is now a new texture element. This element can be used to add a background to your document on a specific part of the page.



A new texture tool has been added to allow you to add texture elementss to your document. To change the texture, open the property view of the texture tool.


The label tool now has a new scale property to change the scale of the text. It is useful if you don’t want to change the style of the text.


Home Page

The home page now loads thumbnails in a different thread to improve performance. Additionally the switch view button is now translated.


The window will now prevent closing if there are unsaved changes and ask you if you really want to close the window. Additionally you can now go to full screen by pressing f11.

Hide UI

There is now a mode to hide the ui (#458). Click on the top left corner button and click on hide ui or press the f12 button. To exit, click the bottom right exit button or press f12 again.


Many animations have been added to make the ui more fluid. The property view now has a transition when the height changes. When changing the tool, the bottom arrow now smoothly appears. Additionally the open animation of the search dialog has been improved. If you now open the utilities, you will now see that this button is selected. All selected icon buttons now use the fill variant.

Document Properties

The old tools property view has been replaced with a new document properties view. Many options were moved into new tabs. There are now tabs for: Document, Page, View and Camera.

Color Operation

The color operation bottom sheet has been redesigned to make it easier to use. The hex code for the current color will be now displayed right to the color.

Add Dialog

The add dialog now has a search bar to make it easier to find the right element. Additionally you can now import markdown files.

Context Menu

A new mobile version of the context menu has been added. It is now horizontally and has a new design. The context menu is available on mobile by long pressing on an element.


A new default pdf quality setting has been added. This setting can be used to change the default pdf quality when importing pdf files.


To easily add elements to a pack, there is now a new add to pack button in the selection view instead of only in the area context menu. Images, SVGs and markdown elements can now be exported from this context menu. Additionally there is now a lasso selection mode to allow to quickly select your elements.


The templates dialog now supports showing a thumbnail of the template.

Full changelog

  • Bump file version to 10

    • Move box background properties to own Texture.pattern class
    • Rename box background to pattern background
    • Change page.background to page.backgrounds and allow a list of backgrounds
    • Rename painters to tools
    • Rename hand painter to select tool
    • Rename move painter to hand tool
    • Rename tool to utilities
  • Recode event system to include collaboration in the future

  • Redesign document properties

  • Redesign color operation bottom sheet

  • Add texture tool (#406)

  • Add search to add dialog

  • Add mobile context menu (#410)

  • Add setting to set default pdf quality

  • Add texture element (#406)

  • Add add to pack for selection

  • Add svg export for text elements (#488)

  • Add thumbnail to templates dialog

  • Add markdown importing

  • Add export functionality to markdown elements

  • Add animation to search dialog

  • Add scale property to label tool

  • Add alpha slider to shape element

  • Add delete buttons in pack dialog

  • Add size transition to property view

  • Add animation for tool change

  • Add selected state to utilities button

  • Add lasso selection mode to select tool (#409)

  • Add share to label context menu

  • Add animation when changing homepage header

  • Add hide ui (#458)

  • Add ability to teleport to area in search

  • Add setting to configure visual density

  • Add export to elements context menu

  • Add full screen f11 shortcut

  • Add play button to add dialog for action tools

  • Add tool status to add dialog

  • Fallback to first stylesheet if no stylesheet is selected

  • Move export button from selection view to context menu

  • Replace most dropdown buttons (material 2) with dropdown menus (material 3)

  • Improve performance on home page (#459)

  • Improve clipboard system to include image and svg source as data uri

  • Improve export system

  • Improve version info in setting if not connected to the internet

  • Improve spacing in background dialog

  • Improve icon buttons to match material 3

  • Improve export menu in area context menu

  • Prevent window of closing when there are unsaved changes (#403)

  • Change file search to not case sensitive

  • Change expansion panels in background dialog to tabs

  • Change selected icons to fill variant

  • Change image and svg export dialog position and size to row

  • Fix expansion panel list in corner radius shape, texture property, shapes and constraints view

  • Fix bfly mimetype

  • Fix property view playing open animation when opening navigator

  • Fix colors in svg export

  • Fix grid not updating when changing values

  • Fix pack dialog version text field

  • Fix changing styles of label in selection

  • Fix open with for bfly documents on android

  • Fix insert first and last tooltip in pages navigator view

  • Fix background not changed after page change

  • Fix missing localization for switch view

  • Fix transforming shape element

  • Fix duplication position issues

  • Fix template creation message text

  • Fix page ordering

  • Fix page index when renaming

  • Fix packs dialog closes after action

  • Fix layer remove button not working

  • Fix line shape transforming

  • Fix hit calculation on rotation in shape element

  • Fix importing of assets

  • Fix teleport position of text element in search

  • Disable gestures on mouse input

  • Remove view options from undo

  • Remove reload after clicking on star

  • Upgrade to agp 8

  • Upgrade to flutter 3.15

  • Add macos zip and dmg release builds

  • Add linux rpm release build

Please make a backup of your documents before opening them with this version. This version is not compatible with older versions of Butterfly.